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Analysis of a projection matrix: Calculation of rate of increase, age structure, reproductive value and generation times

Randomisation test (two sample): How to conduct a simple randomisation test

Randomisation test (distance matrix): How to conduct a randomisation test on distance matrices (Mantel test)

Bootstrap: How to bootstrap confidence limits

Bias corrected percentiles: How to calculate bias corrected percentile confidence limits

Correlated variables: How to generate a sequence of correlated random variables

Distance matrix: Calculate a distance matrix

Eigenvector test: Test routines to return eigenvalues/vectors

Fit parameters: Fit parameters by maximum likelihood

fit distributions: Find best fitting distribution

Covariance matrix: Some different ways to compute a variance-covariance matrix for a data matrix of species abundance within plots

Gtest: Calculation of G - statistic

Jackknife: How to compute Jackknife statistics in Excel

Jolly: Jolly-Seber estimate of abundance in quadrats or transects

Life table: Analysis of life tables using PopTools

Likelihood: Likelihoods for various error structures

Likelihood profile: Calculation of a likelihood profile

Mantel test: How to use the MANTEL worksheet function

Matrix decompositions: Demo of matrix decompositions - LU, QR, SVD, Cholesky

Matrix projection: Different ways to project with matrices

Monte Carlo: Basic use of the Monte-Carlo routine

Numerical projection: Simulation of a discrete time process (deterministic)

Numerical projection (stochastic): Simulation of a discrete time process (stochastic)

ODE integration: How to use the ODEIntegrate function to integrate a system of ordinary differential equations

PBLR test: Calculation of the parametric bootstrap likelihood ratio (PBLR) test for density-dependence in a time series

PPS sample: Selection of a sample with probability proportional to size

Ordination: Ordination using principal components analysis and correspondence analysis. General ordination using matrix algebra.

Pollard’s test: Calculation of the test of Pollard, E., Lakhani, K. H. & Rothery, P. (1987) for density-dependence in a time series

Power analysis: How to do a power analysis by simulation

Random variables (general): Generation of random variables using PopTools

Random variables (fast): More information on generation of random variables using PopTools

Resampling: More information on the routines for shuffling and resampling from data matrices

Risk analysis: Quantitative risk analysis

Sensitivity-Elasticity: Numerical sensitivity analysis of deterministic models. Sensitivity and elasticity for matrix models

Sensitivity (stochastic): Numerical sensitivity analysis of stochastic models

Singular value decomp: Demo of singular value decomposition

Solve linear system: Solve linear system using SVD/QR. MatInv function

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