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Downloading PopTools

Current version is 3.2 (build 5). Released September 22, 2011.

Download PopTools setup file (EXE)

The easiest way to install PopTools is to download the above executable setup file (~2.8 Mb). This is a standard Windows installation file. When the download is complete, double-click the file in Explorer to start the installation process.

Note: An experimental install file - that should work on 64 bit computers that have 32 bit Excel - can be downloaded here. Please let me know if this works (I don’t have a test setup for this configuration of Excel).

If you do not wish to download an executable file, a zipped version (~2.8 Mb) of the setup file is also available.

If you want development of PopTools to continue, please send an e-mail so that we can see how the software is being used. Your e-mail will not be divulged to outside parties and you will receive no advertising material.

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