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Latest version is 3.2 (build 5) released September 22, 2011 - download

PopTools home base

PopTools now has a new home on the web. After 10 years hosting on CSIRO servers, we have moved to this new URL. A redirection from CSIRO will remain in place so that URL’s in citations will still work). I am now maintaining the site using nanoc – a ruby-based framework – which I hope will make it easy to keep everything updated.

Other news

Updated version. A new version was released on 18 September 2011. It addresses some problems with the routine that creates likelihood profiles – which failed on Excel 2010. See the updates page for details.

What is PopTools?

PopTools is an add-in for 32 bit PC versions of Microsoft Excel (version 97 and up) that helps with the analysis of matrix population models and simulation of stochastic processes. It was originally written to analyse ecological models, but has much broader application. It has been used for studies of population dynamics, financial modelling, risk analysis, and calculation of bootstrap and resampling statistics. More »

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